We are all living through very strange times. Families, communities, indeed the country at large, are grappling earnestly with the social, economic and psychological dislocation triggered by the outbreak of COVID-19.  As we collectively navigate our way through and attempt to make sense of “the new normal", anxiously awaiting indicators of better days ahead, it occurs to me that this crisis has revealed some deeper truths.  Like most things of any import, however, these are often self-evident and hidden in plain sight.  The restorative power of the human touch, a shared faith in mankind’s ability to achieve progress against the odds and the destructive impact of enforced isolation are just a few examples I’ve been thinking about in recent weeks.  You will no doubt have others.

Rewarding feedback

One of the most rewarding things about working at Get Set Pet is reading comments, reviews and feedback from our wonderful customers.  It has struck me how important our pets have been during this time of national emergency in boosting morale and providing an essential distraction from the seemingly endless stream of bad news.  Always there to offer a quizzical look, an attentive stare or, for the cat lovers amongst us, just the right amount of that trademark aloofness, the nation’s four-legged friends have certainly been putting in a shift of late.

Never truly alone

For those living alone, or in small groups separated from other family members, our pets have been a constant source of both comfort and comic relief during the lockdown.  Reading messages of gratitude from customers delighted with the prompt receipt of their pet food orders, at a time when some of our most fundamental assumptions about the resilience of the nation’s supply chains were being questioned, has been genuinely humbling.  It has not always been easy keeping up with demand but the knowledge that the Get Set Pet team has played its part in a much wider effort to help keep things moving in these difficult times is its own reward.

New hope

So, for those of you longing for the human touch of missing loved ones I hope many of you will at least be enjoying the companionship of a faithful friend or two.  I’m sure an extra treat is probably in order by now! History has also shown us throughout the centuries of the human race’s capacity for ingenious solutions to seemingly intractable problems.  Tomorrow always brings new hope.

And finally, and because isolation is a very real affliction still for far too many people in this country, let’s redouble our efforts to make those connections that can make all the difference to someone’s life.

Stay safe everyone.