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Referral Program

Referral Program

What is our Referral Program?

Referrals really are the best! If you are enjoying the Get Set Pet experience, why not spread the word with other pet parents. And guess what? We reward you for doing so!

How our program works

1. You are supplied with a referral link that is unique to you.

2. When you share it with new customers who click your link and make a purchase, they get £5 off their order and you earn £5. Simple as that!

For every customer you refer who purchases, you will get a £5 discount.

Get Set Pet customers are automatically added to the program via email when they make a purchase.

Our program is open to anyone to participate. You do not need to be an existing customer. If you have been gifted a £5 discount and would like to earn your own, you can join the referral program by this link:

Terms & conditions

1. Referral codes are not to be shared on coupon aggregating sites. Posting to these pages will result in removal from the referral program.

2. Our referral program is in place to introduce new customers to Get Set Pet. As such the purchases made by the following customers are not rewardable:

  • Purchases made using your link by existing customers
  • Multiple purchases made by same customer using your link (only first purchase is rewardable)
  • Self-referrals i.e. same customer using a different email address. Exploiting our referral system for personal gain will result in being banned from the referral program

3. When an eligible purchase has been made by your links, the purchase is reviewed for a period of 7 days and then an email is sent to you letting you know you have a new referral. You will then be sent a code to redeem your £5 discount. 

4. In order to claim your £5 discount you need to spend a minimum of £20 

5. When you redeem your £5 discount you will be required to pay postage for orders under £29

6. Discount codes can also be used against Get Set SAVE subscription purchases, however, the relevant code will need to be copied and pasted into the discount box

7. Discount codes cannot be combined i.e. only one discount code can be used at a time

8. Discount codes are valid for 60 days from issue.