Danish Design Royal Stewart Duvet Deep Filled


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The Danish Designs Royal Stewart Deep-Filled Duvet is inspired by a traditional Scottish tartan with a rich red colour.  It’s easy to wipe clean, making it great for the kitchen or the car. It’s important to keep your dog warm and comfortable, and this Danish Design duvet is filled with super-soft thermal fibre for ultra-relaxation.

This Danish Design Royal Stewart duvet is not only wipe clean, but also has removable covers to make washing convenient, with a fully washable inner. It also dries quickly.

Danish Design Pet Products has been making dog bedding for more than 30 years in the heart of Yorkshire. They use superior fabrics that perform as good as they look because only the very best will do.  


  • Large 20 x 87 x 138 cm
Product Code DSBM-GDAN-RDD-E-2750
Weight 2.75kg