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Dogs Dinner Adult Dog Food Lamb, Sweet Potato and Mint 12Kg


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Dog's Dinner with Lamb, Sweet Potato and Mint is a delicious recipe that your dog is sure to love.

With 50% Lamb and added Omega-3 for healthy coat and joints, Dog's Dinner is made in the UK and contains no added grain making it suitable for dogs with sensitive digestion or grain allergies.

It also has a high meat or fish content with no artificial additives such as colours or preservatives.

Many animal nutitionists believe grain is not part of a dog's natural diet. Their teeth and digestive systems are not suited to breaking down and digesting grains such as maize corn and wheat. Opinions vary on whether dogs are carnivores or omnivores but they clearly possess a natural carnivorous bias. Therefore a diet rich in meat or fish is obviously preferable.

Nutritional info

Ingredients: Lamb 50% (including 30% Freshly Prepared Lamb; 18% Dried Lamb & 2% Lamb Stock); Sweet Potato (23%); Peas; Pea Protein; Potato (6%); Beet Pulp; Linseed; Omega 3 Supplement; Vitamins & Minerals; Vegetable Stock; Mint (equivalent to 7.5g per Kg of product); Prebiotics: FOS (92 mg/kg); MOS (23 mg/kg) Nutitional Analysis Crude Protein 26% | Crude Oil and Fats 14% | Crude Fibres 3% | Crude Ash 8% | Moisture 8% | NFE 41% | Metabolisable Energy Kcal/100g 354 | Omega 6 2.2% | Omega 3 1.79% | Calcium 2.41% | Phosphorus 1.5%