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Nylabone Puppybone Chicken Small


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The puppy stage is a critical opportunity for teaching your pup good chewing habits. Puppies use their mouths to explore their surroundings, to play, and especially to relieve teething discomfort. With positive reinforcement, pups will learn that chewing on Nylabone Puppybone Chews is not only encouraged, but also a fun pastime to enjoy into adulthood!

Nylabone Puppybones are just right if your dog still has his first set of teeth and likes to chew! These puppy chew toys have extra flavour added to keep your puppy chewing for longer. This one has a delicious chicken flavour throughout, meaning the flavour goes on for as long as the chew does. They are not sprayed, dipped or coated in any way so there is no chance of that tasty flavour being licked off!


Ideal for teething puppies, who chew on everything!


Made with a soft, durable nylon these toys were made for puppies who have their very first set of teeth

• Chicken flavour
• Ideal for small dogs up to 11kg


The materials are slightly softer and more flexible than our Extreme range of bones, making them more gentle on your puppy's mouth. We have been mastering making chew toys for over 50 years and have a manufacturing process like no other, we make sure the toys do not splinter, instead the nice smooth surface 'roughs up' as it is chewed and tiny bristles raise on the bone, acting like a mini toothbrush which will help keep your pup's teeth clean and prevent tartar build up. If your puppy does manage to bite any off it should only ever be as small as a grain of rice and these can be passed if swallowed, they are not a choking hazard.