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Royal Canin Vet Care Nutrition Pediatric Growth Kitten Food 4kg


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Royal Canin Vet Care Nutrition Pediatric Growth Kitten Food has been specially formulated to provide your kitten with the best nutritional and energy profile; it is also suitable for nursing/gestating female cats. The paediatric kitten food recipe includes a combination of nutrients including Omega 3 fatty acids to support a balanced digestive system and antioxidants to boost your feline's natural defences.

• Formulated to encourage digestive tolerance
• Contains rice which is an easily digestible source of starch
• Fructo-Oligo-Saccharides (FOS) and beet pulp support digestive health
• Suitable for kittens from 4 months old to neutering, from 4 months to 12 months old, and for lactating/gestating female cats

Veterinary diet products are only to be used specifically for a pet that has been recommended this product by a vet. It is recommended that you get veterinary advice every 6 months (minimum) once your pet is on this diet it ensure it is still appropriate. If your pet's health worsens, contact your vet immediately.