Our Story

Meet Martin and Jason. They’re the founders of Get Set Pet. And they’re on a mission to change the way you buy pet supplies.

Although Martin is a dedicated dog lover and Jason is still searching for the cat of his dreams, they discovered they had similar frustrations when it came to finding reliable information about animals – especially when it came to finding the right food. Do the tins in the supermarket contain the nutrients that Martin's dog needs? Is raw food better for a house cat? Where can I go to find honest information? With no unbiased answers available at their fingertips, their pet project (so to speak) was born.

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Pet Portal


Keep your best friend at the top of their game with advice from our pet experts. From choosing the right food to training your new pup.

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Delve into our wealth of feline knowledge, with plenty of handy advice from bringing home a new kitten to keeping indoor cats happy.

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Small Pet

From fluffy bunnies to gorgeous guinea pigs, we've got the know-how to ensure your small pets are living their best lives.

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